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Neurolens® has been selected as the 2022 overall KOVI award winner by KMK Optometry®. Join Dr. Cheatham as he simplifies and gives you all the tools his team used to become the top Neurolens® practice in the United States.

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Why Neurolens?

The dramatic shift to online working and learning has created a unique moment in the history of our profession.

At least 2/3 of our patients are experiencing symptoms. Our patients need us. This is our moment to rise up and make a difference.

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So Fun!

Having a solution this effective in your hip pocket all day makes practicing fun again.

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KMK Style

Go into the exam room with Dr. Cheatham for the first time ever to make Neurolens simple.

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Invest in You

Life is short. Learn a skill that allows you to change lives over and over again.

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This Solution Changes Lives

66 % Of our patients suffering

93 % Experience symptomatic relief

100 % Money back guarantee

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Understanding the Problem

We can’t continue seeing patients the way we’ve always done it.  Every great doctor wants to understand the WHY. This video unlocks it.  

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Identifying Candidates

We are busy. Learn how to quickly find the patients whose lives you will change. In this video you will learn the ONE question that every OD should ask. 

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Dominate the Solution

Neurolens technology does all the work for you. It’s freaky accurate and makes your job simple; the technology is so good that our remake % is lower with Neurolens than traditional lenses.  

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Put it all Together

The magic is always in the HOW. Learn exactly how Dr. Cheatham and TEAM present this to their patients. You can change lives OR waste time in the exam lane based on one simple question. Learn it now!

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